MISSION of the North Shore Ocean Education Coalition is to increase awareness and knowledge about the ocean, marine life, and ecosystems in order to protect, restore, and manage the use of ocean resources and inspire local and global conservation.

INSPIRED by Hui O Hau‘ula, a project that includes many Native Hawaiian community members, there is a strong connection with Hawaiian culture. Local Hawaiian traditions remind us of the time-honored value of kuleana (responsibility) to care for this unique, fragile place and its many resources through strong conservation and protection principles. By honoring the past and in looking to the future we know we must mālama ka pae ‘aina (care for the archipelago).

NORTH SHORE EDUCATION COALITION will assist in providing curriculum, materials, hands-on, place-based learning opportunities, scientists, and mentors to teach children, youth, and the community to mālama (care for) the ocean as the ancient Hawaiians did… which is the most important lesson we can teach. To do this, the Coalition will partner with many organizations to help protect and restore the ocean and it’s marine life and educate children, youth, the local community and visitors about traditional Native Hawaiian values, practices and traditions to ensure the sustainability of our ocean, marine life, and Hawaiian culture.

MEMBERS include Malama Pupukea Waimea, NOAA, Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whales National Marine Sanctuaries, Monk Seal Foundation, Dolphin Quest, Hui O Hauula, and Turtle Bay Resort